Dear Baby Journal

4/3/12       Dear Baby, I can feel you moving a lot now :)  It makes me smiel every time I do. Keep it up!

3/20/12     Dear Baby, give my back a rest!  I don't mean to complain, but it hurts!  Oh well, at least I know you're still in there ;)

3/13/12     Dear Baby, I haven't forgotten you!  We've been very busy.  When you finally get here, it'll add just a little more!  Here's what's happened lately:  I had the first ultrasound and your daddy and I held hands as we saw you wiggle on the screen for a few minutes. You actually waved!  We said hello back, even though you couldn't hear it ;) My Nana (your great-grandmother) gave you your first toy the other day, it's one of those classic popcorn popper things. 

1/24/12     Dear Baby, we had our first prenatal appointment yesterday! They say I'm about 9 weeks along with you, though the nurse said you seem a little on the small side, but we love you just the same :)  Whenever people ask how I'm feeling, I'm very proud to tell them I feel fine! You're being very good to me when it comes to the sickies - I haven't had ANY! *high five*   :)

1/17/12     Dear Baby, we have chosen a name for you! If you are a boy you shall be named Gideon Levi.   If you are a girl your name shall be Riley Bliss.  Hope you like it!   Also, I think you're about 6 or 7 weeks along and I need to go buy some maternity work pants, because these draw-strings scrubs are pretty unforgiving!

1/11/12     Dear Baby...  My dear little Bun in the oven, you certainly are making momma feel like an oven - especially at night!   We now have to sleep with the A/C at about 60 degrees... even though it's mid-January!    All the information I can find says you're about the size of a lima bean right now... whew, you do seem to be in a hurry!   But that's okay with us, we can't wait to meet you!

1/10/12     Dear Baby,  Lately I have been feeling very full all the time - even when I haven't eaten!  Yesterday I went outside and the air smelled like garlic bread; you're definitely affecting my sense of smell now :)

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Emma Frances said...

Gideon Levi--I love it! :]