Our love story :)

Updated 3/30/12

I consider us standard. "I" is me - Ariana, the author of this blog. I'm married to Aaron :) ..and we live in TN, and don't have any kiddos yet.

The Story:
We met in September 2010.  We talked.  Then he stole my number from a friend's phone.  We texted / called back and forth for about a month.

I went to his parents' house for him to teach me to change my car's oil.  I was hooked - he lived in the country, and I loved it!  We had a few dates where all we did was sit in lawn chairs and talk.  We hunted, too, (sorry if that offends anyone!) but all we ever got was a squirrel.  When we weren't outside we were at Taco Bell... like 460 times a week!

We knew we wanted to marry each other by November-ish.  Aaron went shopping for my engagement ring on Black Friday... the day after Thanksgiving when everything opens at like 2AM and you wait for hours... ANYWAY poor Aaron waited in line for 2 and a half HOURS to go inside the store. He found a ring and headed to check out. (they were offering 40% off if you opened a credit account there) so he tried but was denied!  So he was super let down.

Later that week we went actual ring shopping and he found out I didn't want the standard diamond, but a pearl! He was thrilled!! Bought it that week, and proposed on New Year's :)

We got married on May 20th, 2011 in the Nashville, TN temple, and are living happily ever after :)

I'm curently pregnant with Baby #1 and due August 26th