Getting back the Bod.

This isn't a pity party, but this is my place to work things out. 

I've had issues with weight gain in my past.  I wouldn't call myself an emotional eater; but I definitely eat for more reasons than just survival, if that makes sense.  When I got married, I weighed more than I wanted to.  I was able to maintain that weight until I got pregnant.  The day Gideon was born, I weighed 91 pounds more than I did Junior year of high school - which is when I was at my goal weight.

I'm going to post a weekly report of my weight loss, exercise and over-all health to help further my success.  I need a place to be held accountable, and I figure this is a good a place as any!

My first report:
Sept. 22, 2012
3 weeks + 4 days postpartum
58 lbs to go!

I'm the kind of mother...

There are lots of things that make motherhood unique.  There's nothing else like it because each mother mothers differently.  And yet, every mother can relate to other mothers' feelings. (...for some reason I keep typing monther)

My experience with motherhood is limited, but I can already tell so much about myself has changed.  Other things haven't changed; and in some unexplainable way, motherhood is making me more... me.

I'm the kind of mother...
...who hasn't slept in my bed for one night yet because Gideon likes the living room better.  [the thought occurs to me: Move his crib.  Hmm]

...who doesn't get around to taking a lot of pictures because I'm so busy staring at my baby.  What does he think about?  Whatever it is - he makes the cutest faces.

...who sometimes forgets to eat throughout the day because I'm so busy staring at my baby.  Yep, a lot of staring goes on at our house.

...who now has to over-pump because I accidentally messed up my milk supply.

...who loves her baby daddy :)

I Promise

promise PROMISE to get back onto my normal writing schedule soon!

One of these days...

...I'll actually getting around to writing a post.

Here's a list of upcoming things to write about:
- Gideon
- Gideon
- Gideon
- Gideon

 :) Hehe, we love him so much!